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For 15 years you have read the articles of master saddlemaker and author Dick Sherer in the Leather Crafters and Saddlers Journal. Every project Dick writes about is a real world example of work produced in his studio for clients or art shows. Dick's goal in writing is to educate and improve your leather work by describing the techniques used by accomplished professional artists and saddlemakers. Although leather workers of all skill levels will benefit from this knowledge, Dick's main objective is to move you from a basic level of leather craft to an advanced level of knowledge and skill.

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Dick Sherer has approached the restoration of antique saddles and gear as historical archeology, rather than just "fixen' up old saddles" for over twenty years. The techniques of early makers have been studied and documented so that the value of collectibles is preserved and enhanced by the restoration process. Restoration articles provide a history of the early maker, details of the construction techniques used and details of the restoration processes used in Dick's studio.

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Sherer's pointers are collections of studio tips acquired over five decades of working with leather. These tips will enable you to save time and money, and make your life easier at the bench.

The texts of Pointers are presented in Microsoft Word and PDF formats. Photos are in JPG format. Text and photos may be reprinted for personal use at the bench.

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In these articles Dick shares his over fifty-years' experience of building saddles and gear, and the ins and out of creating and maintaining a successful saddle making business.

These are articles with photos. They are not DVDs, videos or audio CDs.

Watch for new articles including Profits From the Scrap Bin, and get all 50 of Sherer's Pointers to improve your leather work and efficiency.

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